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Resource Family Training

Next Steps for Becoming a Resource Parent

Step 1, To learn more about becoming a caregiver, watch our Informational Session online here. 

Step 2, Complete the Resource Family Orientation online here. 

Step 3, Complete the required Pre-service Training to learn about regulations and requirements and the challenges and benefits of being a Resource Parent. Sign up for training here!

Our trauma-informed training provides an opportunity, through learning,  for you and Children & Family Services to assess together whether foster care or adoption is best for your family. You may withdraw from training at any time.

At any point in the process, the Homes With Heart VC team is happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have. Please reach out to us at (805) 654-3220 or

Training dates, times and locations are below: 

Step 1

Information Sessions

Watch the Homes With Heart VC informational Video below to learn more about becoming a caregiver!

Foster VC Kids Online Training

Step 2

Resource Family Orientations 

Please complete our orientation online or call 654-3405 to request an in person session.

Step 3

Pre-Service Training

Weekdays 6pm-9pm, Saturdays 9am-12pm
Camarillo: Kids & Families Together Resource Family Training Center, 1317 Del Norte Rd. Camarillo, Ca. 93012
Kids & Families Together, 864 E. Santa Clara St. Ventura, CA 93001
Simi Valley-East County: Antioch Church, 4555 Runway St. Simi Valley, CA 93063

*Pre-Registration is Required for all classes and child care*
For childcare, contact:
Miriam Magaña, 805-384-0983 X859 Channel Islands Social Services with at least a 48 hour notice.
To register, please contact:
Kids and Families Together,
Leigh Williams, 643-1446 X151
or sign-up online here!
  • Monday, 12/3/18-2/4/19 (Del Norte)
  • (Spanish Fast Track) Tuesday & Wednesday, 12/4/18-1/9/19 (Del Norte)
  • Tuesday, 12/4/18-2/5/19, (Del Norte)
  • (Spanish Fast Track) Wednesday & Thursday, 12/5/18-12/27/18, (Ventura)
  • Thursday 12/20/18-2/7/19 (Simi Valley)
  • (Fast Track) Saturday, 1/5/19-1/26/19 (Del Norte)
  • (Fast Track) Wednesday & Thursday, 1/9/19-1/31/19 (Ventura)
  • (Spanish) Tuesday, 1/15/19-3/5/19 (Del Norte)
  • (Fast Track) Saturday, 2/11/19-4/1/19 (Del Norte)
  • Monday 2/11/19-4/1/19 (Del Norte)
  • Tuesday 2/12/19-4/2/19 (Del Norte)
  • (Fast Track) Wednesday & Thursday, 2/13/19-3/7/19 (Ventura)
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