Homes with Heart VC


Becoming a resource family with Homes with Heart VC, a program of Ventura County Children and Family Services, is a unique opportunity for stable, committed, and loving adults to provide out of home care for children and youth temporary placed in out of home care due to difficult home situations by no fault of their own. Resource Families are relative caregivers and community homes who are approved to care for these children and youth. Resource families provide love, stability, nurturing, and comfort during difficult times and serve as the first step in a child and family’s journey towards healing and hope in the future.

At Homes with Heart VC, we firmly believe it is in the best interest of a child to be reunified with their birth family whenever it is safe. Resource families are an integral part of this process. As biological families work toward a healthier positive home environment, resource families engage with children and youth in meaningful activities that will assist with their social, educational, and physical wellbeing while accepting them as full members of their families during the children and youth’s time in care.

Strengthening VC Families

Through Strengthening VC Families programs like Businesses with Heart, Ready VC, and Neighbors Together, our main goal is to keep children safe while providing their families a network of community support.

Resource Family Training

The Resource Family Approval Orientation serves as an alternative to the in-person Informational Meetings. Once completed, please follow the next steps to becoming a Homes With Heart VC Resource Family!

I'm 18... Now What?

Turning 18 means new choices and opportunities! Homes With Heart staff provides Transitional Age Youth and Independent Living Services to foster and emancipated youth between the ages of 16 and 21.

We Believe

Safe at Home

We Believe families can keep their children safe with support


We Believe children should be cared for in a familiar, nurturing, and safe environment and while they are in care

Child’s Experience

We Believe every child is entitled to thrive through stability, family connections, quality treatment, and a voice in planning

Parental Support for Reunification

We Believe through partnership and support, parents can grow and change in order to safely parent their children and if the children cannot return home


We Believe all children deserve a sense of belonging, and a permanent, unconditional commitment in a lifelong family