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Homes with Heart VC is a program of The County of Ventura Human Services Agency, Children and Family Services (CFS). Homes With Heart VC is the foster parent and kinship caregiver information, resource and support arm of the county, working with community partners to ensure that our fostering and kinship families have the support they need to offer quality care.

Our Vision:

is to protect children by strengthening families and ensure that children are nurtured and supported while in care.

Our Mission:

Through engagement and meaningful relationships, Homes With Heart VC supports families to enhance safety, permanency, and well-being for their children. Preserving the primary family and support relationships is our priority.  When this is not possible, Homes With Heart VC strives to ensure children will maintain and establish safe and nurturing relationships.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that children and families are better off as a result of our involvement and move closer to goals of safety, permanency, and well-being. Click here to learn more about foster care.

We Believe

  1. Safe at Home: We Believe families can keep their children safe with support and if they can’t…
  2. Caregiving: We Believe children should be cared for in a familiar, nurturing, and safe environment and while they are in care…
  3. Child’s Experience: We Believe every child is entitled to thrive through stability, family connections, quality treatment, and a voice in planning.
  4. Parental Support for Reunification: We Believe through partnership and support, parents can grow and change in order to safely parent their children and if the children cannot return home…
  5. Permanency: We Believe all children deserve a sense of belonging, and a permanent, unconditional commitment in a lifelong family.

Child Safety

When a child is abused or neglected, he or she may need immediate protection, or a family may need extra support to ensure the safety of the child; this is when Children & Family Services may become involved.

If Children & Family Services becomes involved, the parent and a social worker work together to develop a plan that may include counseling, substance abuse treatment, parent education or other services to address the family’s needs. Our goal is to reunify children with their parents whenever possible.

Fostering families are essential to this process. Fostering families’ partner alongside social workers, parents and their children to reach the shared goal to protect children by strengthening families. When reunification is not possible, and parental rights have been terminated, fostering families have the opportunity to become adoptive forever families.

Learn more about becoming a foster parent, or if you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today.

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Our Team

Quality foster care is all about fostering respectful partnerships and information sharing. It is important that caregivers know who to contact when they need information, resources, support or to share ideas or concerns.

This is a key priority of Homes With Heart VC’s Quality Parenting Initiative.

Foster Care Recruitment, Development and Support Team

Foster VC Kids and the CFS RDS unit is led by a dedicated team that seeks to help families access additional services for the children in their care, find answers to questions and concerns, and navigate the child welfare system:

RDS Program Manager: Elizabeth Thasiah

RDS Recruitment
• Supervisor: Keri Rushing-King
• Team of RDS Community Service Coordinators: Jaci Johnson, Ana Navarro (bilingual)

Unmatched/Foster/Resource Parents
• Supervisor: Angelina McCormick-Soll
• Team of RDS Community Service Coordinators: Betty Cedeno, Elisa Carreno (bilingual), Janelle Montalvo , Ana Navarro (bilingual)

Matched/Relatives and NREFMs:
• Supervisor: Renee Lodder
• Team of RDS Community Service Coordinators: Cynthia Hutchison, Sheri Meyerson, Tanya Sanchez (bilingual), Ana Navarro (bilingual)

*For all caregivers who have a child with specialized medical needs, Ana Navarro will be assigned as a secondary Community Service Coordinator.

RDS Support Service Specialists: Stefanie Robbins, Jeanette McLaughlin

Our team is also made up of social workers, managers and staff throughout Children and Family Services. To find the name and contact information of a member of CFS, open the next tab below.

CFS Staff Contact Information

Click to view/download: Staff A-Z List

Foster VC Kids – 805-654-3220

Ongoing Social Worker Mainline – 805-240-2700

Adoptions – 805-240-2700

Central Programs:

Licensing – 805-955-2290

Placement – 805-654-3405

Relative Approval – 805-654-3405

East County Region (Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark) – 805-955-2290

Eligibility (funding) – 805-654-3409

Youth Services Division – 805-240-2700

Emergency Response Social Workers – 805-654-3444

Court Unit – 805-654-3444

Clinics and Basic Services – 805-654-5536

Quality Parenting Initiative

The Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) is one of Foster VC Kids approaches to strengthening the quality of care provided to children and youth living in foster care. The goal of QPI is to develop a systematic approach to recruiting and supporting high-quality caregivers in our community and improving the quality of care for children in foster care by redefining the expectations of and support for fostering parents.

When QPI is successful, caregivers have a voice, not only in issues that affect the children they are caring for, but also in the way the system treats children and families. Fostering families, agency staff and birth parents work as a team to support children and youth. Fostering families receive the support and training they need to work with children and families and know what is expected as well as what to expect. Systems are then able to select and support enough excellent fostering families to meet the needs of each child.

With your assistance and that of other partners in our community, we can develop a Quality Parenting Initiative that will meet the needs of children in our community and improve information sharing and partnership between agency staff and fostering parents. Join us for an upcoming listening session or contact Foster VC Kids Program Manager Elizabeth Thasiah with any questions.

Our Partners

Living in partnership is central to raising healthy children and families. It takes a village and an entire county to provide the resources and support children in foster care need to thrive. Ventura County is blessed to share a strong and engaged partnership of providers and communities.

Foster VC Kids is guided by a partnership team comprised of leaders from the following organizations. We meet bi-monthly to develop strategies and address concerns in order to recruit new fostering families and improve the quality of care and support children and caregivers receive. If you would like to join our partnership team, please contact us.

Foster VC Kids Partnership Team:
Arrow Child & Family Ministries
Casa Pacifica
Channel Islands Social Services
Child Hope Services
Children’s Services Auxiliary
Court Appointed Special Advocate Program (CASA)
Dark to Dawn
Foster and Kinship Care Education Program of Ventura County Community Colleges
Hope 4 Kids
James StoreHouse
Kids & Families Together
Koinonia Family Services
The Office Supervisor Bennett
The Partnership for Safe Families & Communities of Ventura County
Ventura County Foster Parent Association
Ventura County Office of Education Foster Youth Services
Women of Substance Men of Honor

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