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When you support a resource family you support our local youth!

  • Show your support for caregivers and kids while driving traffic to your business:  Businesses with Heart partners receive a specialized decal to showcase their support for the program. Resource parents will know that when they shop at your business they receive a discount by showing their Businesses with Heart card.
  • Boost Your Brand Engagement: Our Facebook page reaches over 10,000 people each week! When you become a Businesses with Heart partner, we will work with you to cross promote your brand on Facebook. Share Businesses with Heart Facebook content or post pictures of your employees and customers supporting Resource Families. In return, we  will share your posts and tag your business to reach our network of fans. Your business will also be featured on our Business Partner Page and on iFoster website.
  • Build Goodwill in the Community: Businesses with Heart will supply informational materials for you to display at your business location. You’ll be helping Businesses with Heart raise awareness of the need for more supporters while building goodwill in the community.

  • Inspire Success: Take a youth under your wing and show them a day in the life of someone in your industry. Help inspire youth on a career path and guide them toward the education or training they need to succeed.
  • Ensure a Future: Work with Businesses with Heart s to offer an internship to a transitional aged youth. Provide meaningful hands-on experience in a career they’re interested in and help them build skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

  • Give Hope: Businesses with Heart can work with you to connect your business to one of our many non-profit partners, allowing you to support our local youth by hosting fundraisers, providing school supplies, serving as a collection point for donated items, and much more. If you would like to make a financial contribution to support children in foster care, please contact our non-profit community partner, The Children’s Services Auxiliary.*

How does the Businesses with Heart Program work?

Decide on your level of support and work with Businesses with Heart on promoting your involvement.

Display your Businesses with Heart partnership decal in the front of your business.

Identify your business as a Businesses with Heart partner. Display the visual of the card as well as discount information by your cash register.

As a Businesses with Heart Partner you receive...

  • Your business featured on the Businesses with Heart webpage.
  • Inclusion of your business in Businesses with Heart newsletters and program notices.
  • Inclusion of your business in our social media posts, press outreach and recruitment events.
  • The reward of supporting some of our county’s most vulnerable youth and the families that care for them.

Benefits to Community

  • More money being directed to local businesses.
  • Helps ease the financial burden on foster families, who come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Increasing awareness of foster care in Ventura County and assisting in finding more Homes with Heart!

Become a Foster VC Kids Business with Heart Partner today!

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