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Children’s Service Auxiliary

Children’s Service Auxiliary

The Children’s Services Auxiliary (CSA) partners with Children and Family Services to provide a range of financial supports to foster youth and their families. Families can apply for reimbursements for extracurricular activities, summer camps, computers, clothing, and scholarships. Reimbursements can take up to 60 days to be processed. The CSA also hosts the Holiday Toy Store and events throughout the year.

Electronic Form for Reimbursement: CSA is very happy to be able to help our court-dependent children with medical expenses, enrichment activities, camp, graduation expenses and so much more. If you need to submit a request for reimbursement for your court-dependent child, please visit our Reimbursement Procedures page for more information and a form that can be filled out electronically.


  • Joan Gendreau and Brendan Acosta Scholarship: Scholarships are for Court Dependent graduating high school students or GED equivalent, who are applying to at least one of the following: Vocational/Trade School, Community College, 4 year College and/or applying to the Military. Click here for eligibility and application information.
  • Medical & Dental Assistance: Children and youth receive financial assistance for procedures not covered by other funding sources.
  • Emergency Clothing & Supplies: Children receive clothing and supplies not provided by other sources.
  • Computers: Funds provide students and college-bound youth a laptop computer.
  • Graduation Incentives:Court dependent youth receive a monetary gift upon completing high school.
  • Classes, Sports, & Activities: The Auxiliary provides funding for children and youth to attend classes such as ballet, karate, or music, or participate in a sport such as soccer, football or baseball, or other school activities of their choice.
  • Camp Scholarships: Funds enable children to attend camps throughout the year.


  • Holiday Toy Store:The Holiday Toy Store is created in a donated storefront during the month of December. Foster parents, guardians, birth parents, group homes and needy families in the community are provided an opportunity to shop for the children free of charge. Toys and gifts are donated from the community.
  • Foster Family Activities: Foster family activities include special parties to celebrate families, such as a picnic in the summer and a holiday party in December.

Families or social workers should contact the Foster VC Kids team at (805)654-3220 BEFORE enrolling in an activity to ensure that it can be funded based on the CSA guidelines.

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