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Generally how long is the process of becoming a foster/adoptive parent with this agency?

Typically, the process takes between 2-3 months time.

What are your annual continuing education requirements?

8 hours

What support services do you provide for foster parents?

  • A monthly stipend
  • A mentor through the first 2 years as a fostering parent
  • 12 hours of free respite care/ month
  • The RDS unit’s dedicated team whose mission is to support and advocate for fostering caregivers
  • Ongoing education and networking opportunities
  • Additional funds to support a child’s educational, enrichment and medical needs
  • Participation in family and Team Decision Making meetings to address the needs of the child in your care.
  • Access to Public Health Nurses, RX for Kids, and mental health services
  • Free and discounted services through our network

When could I realistically expect to have a child placed in my home?

You may be called by our Placement team within 24 hours of being licensed.

When will I be able to start taking pre-service training?

You can begin today by watching the online Information video. We offer pre-service classes each month

Do both spouses have to complete training?

Only one adult is required to be on the license.

Do you provide childcare during training?

Childcare is available during Pre-Service Trainings. Pre-Registration is required for all classes and child care. For training registration contact Kids & Families Together at 805-643-1446.For childcare registration, contact Channel Islands Social Services at 805-384-0983, with at least 48 hours notice. *Childcare is not offered for Orientations.

Do you provide respite?

Yes, we provide 12 hours per month of free respite care.

Do I need to own my own home?

You may own or rent.

Do I have to be married?

No, you may be single, married or with a partner.

Do I have to be employed?

You need to provide evidence that you have adequate financial means to provide for the child in your care.

What is unique about your agency in contrast to the other agencies?

Children and Family Services is the local government child welfare agency with overall responsibility for all children in care. Live Scan background checks, CPR & First Aid Trainings, as well as your assessment are provided at no cost to you. After you submit your application, you are partnered up with a Foster VC Kids community services coordinator (CSC) for pre-approval assistance, access to resources, special funding and trainings as well as additional, ongoing supports for placements and any other needed areas in your role as a resource parent. Your CSC will be available to support you at any time during your time as a caregiver.

You will also be assigned an experienced Peer Partner Educator (PPE) to help mentor and walk alongside you on your journey as a caregiver. Your PPE can help build your network of support and provide coaching on day to day practical “how to” matters of caring for children. County approved homes also qualify for 12 hours of monthly respite (babysitting) at no cost, with the possibility of more depending on situation.

What if I’m interested in adoption?

Under the Resource Family approval process, all families are eligible to adopt. Resource families may become forever families for the children in their care or children whose parental rights have been terminated. For more information, visit

Do you license homes in my geographic region?

Ventura County only

What costs are associated with becoming licensed within your agency?

  • Families are responsible for ensuring children have adequate sleeping and living provisions and that their homes comply with state regulations.
  • TB Test

What types of support do foster children get?

Foster children receive health care, including dental and vision, through Ventura County’s Medi-Cal program, Gold Coast. Foster children are often eligible for mental health services, behavioral support services, psychiatric assessment and treatment, 24/7 crisis response, educational support and services that will enable them to lead independent and successful lives.

Are you a faith-based agency? If so, do I need to be a member of that denomination?

No, Children and Family Services is part of the Human Services Agency, County of Ventura. Nevertheless, we strongly support faith community engagement in fostering care.

Learn about Faith In Motion!

If Applicable

Do you consider people who have a criminal history (DWI, felony, etc.)?

Yes. However, they must clear the background check process.

What measures are required if I have a pool or body of water on my property?

A fence must surround a pool for a child under the age of 10 or for children identified with special needs.

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