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Become a Faith in Motion Community

Together, we can work towards hearts mended, families restored, and hope renewed. Our Community Services Coordinators can help your faith community plan and offer activities to support children, youth, and families:

  1. Schedule an awareness service to spread the word with a moment of inspiration and call to action.
  2. Pray for and highlight the needs of children and youth in care during your weekly services and small groups.
  3. Host an information meeting to engage prospective resource parents and other supporters.
  4. Support resource families and reunifying families within your congregation and community. Your faith community probably already has ministries that support children, youth, men, women, people needing benevolence, people needing recovery, people needing prayer, and others. Additional ministries could include:
    1. Adopting a resource family
    2. Adopt a social worker
    3. Tutoring children and youth in care
    4. Respite care/babysitting to give a break to resource families
    5. Prayer/ support groups for resource caregivers and birth parents
    6. Meal delivery when a family receives a new placement of children or youth
    7. Care bag donations for children and youth in care
    8. Mentors and resource grandparents to give every child and family extra love and support
  5. Give to a local support ministry: Child Hope Services, Children’s Services Auxiliary, Defending the Fatherless, Hope4Kids, James Storehouse, Love Does Bags, and Women of Substance/ Men of Honor are some of the local organizations that provide for the needs of our children, youth, and caregivers. They appreciate volunteers, donations and support as they serve hundreds of children and youth, including those aging out of care. View our current Faith in Motion Network.

We have many more ideas on how to support children and youth in care, including requests directly from families and social workers. If you are interested in starting a support ministry, please contact us at Foster VC Kids/Homes with Heart or 805-654-3220

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